Rainbow Week-Art Gallery

During color month, I found it challenging to come up with new and different themes every week. I managed, though, and for rainbow week I did an art gallery! There were tons of crafts on pinterest that involved rainbows, so it was easy to keep the kids busy for the week.
Gallery of fine arts

It looked better in real life (and also, the tissue paper wasn't there).  White paper to draw on, replaced each day. The tissue paper was for cloud rainbows, which turned out really well. I hung them in the windows and then forgot to take a picture, but they looked amazing!

Pictures of famous paintings from an old daily calendar. Had a paint bucket, paintbrushes, and aprons so the kids could pretend to be artists.

Paper squares cut and sorted into rainbows for collages. I added tags with "title", "artist", and "medium" as if it were a real art gallery. Parents loved it! Also hung them with pictures of the kids making their collages.

I changed the project to a paper plate cut like a cloud, which looked much nicer,

On days I didn't have a craft planned for the table, we just took out colored water and sparkles in water bottles so they could shake them and sort them.

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