Camouflage Week-Colors in Nature

For the last week of color month, we taught the kids about camouflage, with a lot of information about skin colors of animals and people, standing out or blending in, and the variety of colors you can find in nature. The dramatic play theme was camping, so I created a river for fishing (complete with a rod, fishing line, and magnet. I made fish by gluing orange and silver paper to cardboard, cutting out the shapes, and hot gluing paper clips to their noses. Then I hid them in the river--the orange fish stood out and the silver fish were camouflaged), a campfire for roasting marshmallows, and had an art project station.

Camping theme background

Firepit--the logs are cardboard tubes covered in paper

River! Can you spot the silver fish?
Chart for number of fish caught

One of my art projects--it was pretty cool!

One of my students didn't have a photo yet so she decided to get creative!
Finished product with my head
Various camouflage projects

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