Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some of Our Favorite Projects

My kids were really into practicing cutting during the last few months while I was there, so one of the things we did was decorate our room with beautiful butterflies! All of these butterflies were cut out by my experts at fine-motor skills. Together they made a beautiful, colorful collage of seemingly-living butterflies! 

To make the butterflies, all we did was trace half a butterfly image onto folded paper, then I let them do all the work! For the kids who had a harder time with the folded paper, I stapled the sides together.

During our Earth/Go Green unit, we had a dump truck with alphabet rocks. This was a capitol-lowercase letter matching exercise.

One which they absolutely loved!

We also discussed pollution. We had a water tub with lots of ocean creatures, and pretty blue water. But the kids got to add some "garbage" (which was cleaner than real garbage, I promise) and explored what it was like for the animals when they "played" in the yucky water. We discussed how the animals felt, and how we would feel if our homes and play areas were polluted. 

This is a generic count-and-clip game that I kept in the math center every week, but changed the theme for. The clips would be legs for bugs, or petals/leaves for flowers. For our safari unit, it was elephants with a number and crocodiles. Some elephants were eaten by one crocodile, and some by eleven! This was a favorite activity that we kept in the math center for months.

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