Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Summary of Summer

As I mentioned in my last post, I have switched jobs to a place a bit closer to home. Previously I thought I might actually catch up on all the months of missed dramatic plays I did, but now I'm thinking that it's a bit of an undertaking.

So instead, I'll work from this point forward!

Welcome to Summer Camp with Preschoolers! It's actually the second-to-last week for us, but I'll highlight the fun projects we've worked on. This week is bug week, so we've been looking at things like pairs and symmetry, counting legs and bugs and identifying insects or arachnids. We've had a bug hunt in sensory dirt (baking soda and brown-colored water with plastic bugs), we did butterfly bead patterning, butterfly symmetry art, antennae headbands, and more! Mosquito tag was a major hit, as is any song that involves Ms. Meghan (me) "eating" or "stinging" or otherwise "getting" the kids at the end.

For the past three weeks, I had a cardboard rocket ship in the classroom, but it sadly reached its expiration date a few days ago. So I took it down, and in its place I'm building a pirate ship! Next week is pirate week to celebrate the last week of summer camp. I will post pictures of these soon!

In fact, I'll try to post pictures of everything I have done over the summer soon. I take these photos for a reason! Might as well share with the teaching community!

Over and Out!