Our Favorite Music

Music is so incredibly important to a child's development, especially at such a young age. You may not realize it, but music actually builds rhythmic patterning skills that are essential for the pre-math learning stage, as well as making learning fun for kids. Then there's the obvious gross-motor exercising that is always beneficial, and the social aspect of it. As an avid music-lover myself, my kids get a lot of exposure to different kinds of music. I like to try new music every day, even if I don't necessarily like it. Of course, I always try to make sure it's appropriate for the activities we work on - wouldn't do to play dance music at naptime! So here are some of our favorite CD's to listen to during various parts of the day:

**Note: Some of these CD's are mixed CD's I create from music I've purchased on my own, so not everything has an album title

Hayley Westenra and Celtic Woman (I chose slow songs from my fairly large collection)
The Secret Chants (Indian Mantras) **My kids ALL stayed awake during these so I'm not sure they were such a great idea, but it may have been the full moon
African Dreamland
Slow Disney Songs
Jim Brickman's Valentine
Dreamtime by Victor Johnson and Friends
Celtic Woman Lullaby
Shahin and Sepehr Aria
Sweet Dreams by Jim Weiss
Misc. Slow Songs, mixed CD

Dance Party (these happen a lot, especially in winter)
A Rough Guide to World Music for Children (my personal favorite)
Kidz Bop is another fun one

Background to Exploration Time
Dragonfly, by Johnny Bregar
Instrumental soundtrack music from various movies of all genres (I chose my favorite "epic" scores)
AEterna, Constance Demby
Home, by The Corrs
Our Earth, by Recess Music

Fun Favorites
Animal ABC's **I listened to this one as a kid and I remember most of the words. After the A is for Alligator song, which I created motions for, I pretend to eat my kids. It has become a favorite game of theirs.
Disney music
Charlotte Diamond Diamonds and Dragons
Wild Child, by Recess Music **This is our absolute all-time favorite. Rita the Cheetah is the best
Meghan's Misc. Music, mixed CD

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