Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some Bleach Every Hour Makes the Germs All Cower

"Horses and zebras eat grass." -Monkey
"Tigers eat zebras!" -Bean
"And dragons eat guys!" -Goldie

I keep a notebook in my cabinet that's sole purpose is to hold quotes from my kids. "Kids say the darndest things", after all (and it's so true!). Almost every day I hear something totally hilarious. 

"Miss Meghan! Can you get this under control?" -YY

"What are you talking about Willis?" -Gardener

I even got that last one on video!

In other news, often I find myself struggling to clean up after the messes I find in my class. Germs are the bane of my existence! Everyone has a cold right now (including me), and apparently the flu is going around in the Seattle area. I'm hoping that one will bypass our class, but there are never any guarantees. 

The Murphy's Law of the preschool world states that "any mess that can be made will be made." So of course, if ONE hand is covered in paint, but the other hand is clean, which hand do we use to turn on the faucet and pump the soap?

You guessed it!

Sometimes the mess is overwhelming. The best we can do is convince our kids that cleaning is way more fun than throwing sensory table stuff around or kicking over stacked blocks. Obviously.

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